The Key to Your Success is YOU

I don’t think a ‘key to success’ exists!” I said angrily one afternoon
after seeing how much I had earned (exactly 0 dollars).

But this was before my mentor had showed me this:

The formula:

Formal education will earn you a living but SELF education will
earn you a fortune.”

Jim Rohn

And this is when things began to change for me. I started to work
on educating myself (instead of depending on others). 

Instead of jumping from one program to the next, I started learning
(on my own) how to begin succeeding. 

In time, my persistence to learn, helped me find a coach who
taught me the correct skills. And these skills changed my life. 


Well, because I finally understood how to create consistent
daily sales (that’s why!).

And if you decide to finally STOP jumping from one program
to the next
and learn the skills instead, you will find your way
too! And I will coach you one step at a time.

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Simply REPLY to this email with the subject line:
Share with me more” and I will. 🙂 

I’m looking forward to working with you! 


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Hi, Albie here! Right now, I’m writing this at the dock while waiting to go aboard the Catalina Express ship. This is a really fast catamaran shaped vessel that flies through the water propelled by two or three huge engines.

White water shoots across the water, shot out by the massive engines as the Catalina Express flies across the sea toward Avalon. This is the main town on Catalina that is still just as quaint as ever, with its lack of cars and lack of overpopulation. 
On our anniversary, over twenty years ago, my wife Janette and I stayed at a really cool pink “Victorian era” hotel called Hotel St. Lauren. I’m looking over at it right now and remembering how much fun we had there!
My daughter and I then enjoyed renting a couple of bikes and riding fast along the main road along the ocean. It was fun to feel the ocean breeze on our faces, the pretty waves crashing along the beach as we rode swiftly past shoreline cliffs and…


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*Disclaimer: Of course, you may never make money if you don’t have a good work ethic
or are not willing to do what it takes to make it happen. Some people quit before they
even read the instructions! No claims are made here. This information may not convey
typical results and your results may be better or worse. This information on this page is
, for example, purposes only. Use this information at your own risk.

Wrecked ship in the foothills?

“What is this old boat doing here?” I wondered.

I was just taking a hike just to get some exercise and suddenly
I saw an old wrecked sailing ship from 100 years ago just sitting half
buried in the ground in front of me? 

It was really weird (to say the least!)

Its sails were ripped and torn and the mast was sticking diagonally, high
into the sky.

The ship’s front bow sprit was like a spear pointing into the air in
front of me.

As I walked around it, I could see the deck house’s door was open and
mysteriously dark inside and oddly spooky.

The deck laid slanted and slippery looking. 

What was even weirder were the jagged rocks jutting out of the dirt near
the stern, giving the idea that the ship had run aground on them …

(…at one time when the ocean waves crashed here??)

The idea left me feeling completely bewildered.

”how could this be?” I wondered think.

The idea of a ship here is in fact crazy! 

But that’s only the beginning!

As I looked down to see if there is a way onto the ship, I could see a
ship journal open 
on the grassy ground nearby.

I went over and opened it. There was the date of 1926 and last
entry of a sailor written on it in smudged almost unreadable words: 

Our ship is surely lost…I don’t think I will make it…I love…” 

(Then below that is a strange message, I suspect written by someone

“destroyer of the innocent…” It says. I blinked and then look away in
disbelief and fear. 

How can this be real?” I wondered.

I looked again at the ship and into the open doorway of the cabin and
couldn’t help but 
feel something strange and dark lurking within. 

I climbed a big rock at the back to jump aboard and the second I did,
I could hear something hissing or crying. It was weird! If I was to say
honestly how I felt at that moment, it sounded like the the cries of
innocent souls crying 
out for me to save them. 

Then I woke up. (Haha!)

Ok, I hope you liked that high dive into our imagination. 

Here’s the point: 

Life is more than just about going to work and coming home and
watching tv. 

Seize this moment and listen for the voices in your heart pointing
you forward to something greater! 

Pointing you forward to a life well lived, a life of faithfulness and courage.
A life of risk (yet with some balance) and yet committed to bringing more
life to yourself and the ones you love. 

Reply back and join me online to build something greater than just
working for a dead end job (then just existing…you know!)

If you would like to know more about our team and potentially work
together with me one on one, simply reply with: “Tell me more Albie
and I will get back with you!


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Let us help you find your “blindspots”. 


We will help you personally 1:1 to understand how to earn consistently online.



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Easy to do…easy not to do.

Have you ever heard the phrase: What’s Easy to do, is also easy not to do.”?

Jim Rohn changed my life with this simple little message.

Hi, this is Albie from Pasadena, California.

Basically, he was saying that success in anything on a daily basis “is easy to do
but easy not to do!” What exactly does that mean?

Well, let me explain. Many successful habits don’t have to be time-consuming or
difficult. But because they are so easy to do they are also so easy to put off
till tomorrow!

But if you don’t put it off, you will find that it is the accumulation of these habits
over time that makes them so powerful!

So next time you find yourself overwhelmed by life’s demands, just hold on to
the basics. Whether or not you exercise (for example) for half an hour or longer,
if your day becomes too demanding, just make sure you exercise a little.

The habit is more important than anything else.

Yes, the amount of time you spend is important too but when you destroy your habit
or are not consistent enough to FORM the habit, that’s when it will all fall apart!

So taking this habit to your business is also the same concept. Build your habit
and keep it – even if it’s just five minutes.
The daily habit will force your mind
to contemplate how to eventually find more time!

Did you catch that?

Over time you will keep getting better and better!

Now want to find a habit that will change your business? It’s simple: Just work
on it every day.

I know you’ve seen the results of doing a project with your friend. It brings you
together – right?

I want you to be on my team! I know we can do great things together.

Would you like to know more about our team? Just simply reply to this email with
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You may have tried earning
online in the past and understand what I’m talking about. It’s kind of
like playing a video game and thinking how easy it will be to win but then
the reality of it sinks in as you have to replay levels over and over a
again just to win that level. It’s the same with earning online.
You honestly will NOT get to the next level UNLESS you really dig
in and learn 5 Critical Marketing Skills that we’re going to explain to
you as we go along. 


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