Let me get straight to the point.

Will you please get to the point!” I mumbled to myself, as I read
this long email that just went on and on. So yeah, let me cut through

the ‘smoke screen’ and get you up to speed!

So you’re probably wondering how internet marketing really works?

First off internet marketing is all about giving free stuff away.
That’s how you get subscribers and then customers.

If you’re thinking that you can make money online as a free member
only, then you still have a lot to learn.
There’s NO WAY you are going to
get the training and understanding and correct tools you really need to
succeed for free.

Oh sure, I know there are tons of free tools out there but they always
are lacking something that is critical to succeeding online.

(I know because I spent years trying to succeed online for free.
Free programs, free tools, free everything. It was all in vain.
A lot of time wasted. Hopefully I can save you from a lot of mistakes!)


Okay, so the Free Lead System is a great system and you can get half
of your leads for free – which is fine.

However, you need a way to make money and usually, if you don’t
invest in something, you won’t believe in it enough to be able to sell it. 

This brings us to the first upgrade: Lead Lightning. Okay, so it’s better than
the Free Lead System because it allows you to keep ALL your leads and
allows you to make $6 over and over again with only a one-time
investment of $7.

You’re probably asking if having this system is enough to succeed?

That’s a good question and instead of giving you the runaround – like
so many online marketers do, I’m going to tell you the truth: NO it’s not.

And why is it not enough? This is because you need real internet skills
to make it and you need the right tools. Just like a carpenter needs the right
skills and the right tools to make furniture – so do you! So how do you get
these skills and tools?

Step One: Join Lead Lightning and let us help you begin the process of
learning how to get leads and make money.  To be honest, this is just a
place to start (but it’s a GOOD place to start!)

What’s the next Step? I will cover this in my next email! (so watch for
tomorrow’s email).

>> Click here to know how to take a one time $7 and turn it into $526

And if you want more information about joining our team, then simply reply back
with: “Tell me more” and I will!

Talk soon. 🙂

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The Training Points & 5 Critical Skills

Welcome from Albie Derbyshire and Elizabeta Kuzevska.

Welcome to
The Training Points

To Learn the 5 Critical Skills


Downline Builder/ Success Guide 



Begin Your Advertising Journey

“On the Right Foot”



If you were sponsored by anyone other than Elizabeta or myself, then watch the video above, so you can join your sponsor in the affiliate downline builder inside AE Mailer.

When you’re ready to enter your affiliate ID’s into the Downline Builder, then watch the video above so you will know how and where to go to do so.


This video above will also help you understand how to access AE Mailer, how to use it effectively and set up your first ad, how our system works and how you can learn the Five Critical Skills simple step by step!

Basic Guide:

Skill #1: Effective Advertising

Basic Points 4-10
Advanced Points 11-20
Skill #2: Effective Capture Page Making
Skill #3: Effective List Building
Skill #4: Effective Communication with List
Skill #5: Effective Funnel Page Building


Complete each Simple Point.

Point 1: 
Learn how to do a basic ad on AE Mailer
& Get 5000 Free Credits!


This mailer has over 2000 members,
with 35-45 Clicks average on each mail ad sent/ 45-60 clicks per Solo!

Watch the Video for complete details about AE Mailer

and Promo Codes & your first ad setup! 

Get 5000 Credits!

Find Promo Codes

below when you click the link:

Join here: http://advertisingsales.swalbie.com/
Make sure your members have your affiliate link So they can brand everything from inside the downline builder. 


Point 2:
Access Critical Skill #1 Video

Watch the Video for complete details about Critical Skill #1 

and the most effective advertising strategies


Eureopeansafelist has over 16,000 members and is one of my favorite mailers
to advertise with because of it’s huge mailing capacity. With the highest upgrade of 
“Platinum” I can email over 16,000 members 3x a day. I get new subscribers all the 
time from Europeansafelist (your results may be better or worse). All members will get 
the highest credits for clicking your ads at this level. But you can also join for free. 
Want basic “Email Swipes” to add to your ads?
Learn also about how to make creative and more effective Email Swipes of your own.
​go here

After you see the video,

then if you see the value in getting a free account with Europeansafelist.

Join Europeansafelist here: http://europeansafelist.com/s.php?1albie 


Point 3:

Access 442 Pages of FREE Promo Codes Inside
Plus: Learn how to get subscribers from Facebook, Youtube & Safelists.
ADDITIONALLY: “What you may NOT know About Traffic” Free!
See all the bonuses here: 
*Once you join the Prosperity Marketing System
as a ‘Student”, Promo Codes are inside:
“Training Courses/ Free Training”
If you need help:

 PS: After you click the link and join below, 
Then it is a problem of cookies. Use a different email and browser (such as Chrome,
Firefox or Internet Explorer) or clear your cookies and then join again.
Join here: https://www.prosperitymarketingsystem.com/go/?s=137401 
Rebrand Your link inside AE Mailer/ Affiliate Builder


Need help?

Email us at EliAlbie67@gmail.com



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