Basic Tracking – Step By Step With Pictures

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Program Details:

Get a FREE account with Internet Biz Strategies Viral Mailer site: here

Then verify your email.

If you have problems finding the email, try these tips:

1. Make sure you added the correct email without errors.

If not sign up again with the correct email.

2. Check your spam folder (not a junk folder).

3. Wait 15 mins.

Now login

After the ads notice the info on the first page and click on the Menu button if you use mobile:

Then click the “Ads” Tab and then “Tracker”


or directly on ads /tracker if you use desktop


Notice how many “Trackers” you have available to you based on your membership level.

Then add the Tracker Name ( this is for your own reference) of the tracker link and then the actual link into the URL box. Make sure there are no spaces.

Make sure the http:// is only in the box ONCE.


When you have done then get the new tracker link made for you. In my case it is

When you use this link, it will now be tracked. Now when you want to see how many times visitors have clicked on your site, simply go to “Stats” Tab.

At the bottom of the page, you will see the

Title of your tracked link and next to it how many

hits you’ve received to your link.

When you will click on the name of the link ( on my case pms) you will get detailed statistics about your hits. I send the link in one of Dave’s Moshers super solos and I got 206 clicks from it. I didn’t put the conversion tracking code on the thank you page because I use ClixTrac for tracking. I track literally everything => hits, conversion, split tests, referrals… I use a tracking link for every promotion and I have unlimited everything in ClixTrac. I promoted here only to show you how to use free basic tracking.


If you have access to the thank you page you can track the conversion too. You can use the conversion feature if you promote the optin page only. Just click on the Conversion Tracking after you create the tracking link and put the code in the thank you page


You’re done! There is more advanced tracking to still learn such as how to analyze the results, how to set split tests, and so on which are the next steps.

Congratulations now that you’ve done your first tracking link!

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