This week I want to share with you about what to do

when life gives you constant setbacks. 

You obviously know how important knowledge is. But acknowledging it is not the same as benefiting from it. Setbacks happen to us all, yet only persistence allows us to go on to victory. Vision is what allows persistence to keep being so. And vision is enabled by knowledge. There are many who don’t need the push to form weekly habits to increase their knowledge, read or listen to personal development. Yet others need it. I know I did.


For four years, I was pushed by my mentors to learn every day and see how people who had achieved great things thought and compare it to my own and see how I might learn from it. 

I know many of you will acknowledge that this is a good thing to do but in actuality, many won’t do it because it doesn’t fit their lifestyle or their way of life. And this will cause many to live an unfulfilled life. And I will be so bold to say that without developing our minds, success will evade us – especially success in all its respects.


It was because of the continual time learning from these great people that I was able to deal with constant setbacks for years.  Because of these strategies I learned, I was able to put a fire under my dream. I was able to give my dreams the correct ingredients to help it to grow instead of allowing the negative pressures tear them down. And it will do the same for you. When you realize that your dream is not yet coming true, one day you will stumble on the phrase: “Success is not to be pursued, it is to be attracted by the person you become. Jim Rohn.


So if you find yourself needing help, perhaps wishing to be on a team that encourages you to learn and grow, then simply email Elizabeta or myself with the subject title: “share with me more” and let us know you want to know more about joining us.




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