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Ripped to Shreds

Incredible winds That day!

I remember the winds picking up to  incredible speeds and my sails were just not a match to the intense velocity and speed that ensued. You can see from the picture what a mess the winds made of my sails that day.

So probably most of you will not be able to say such a thing (lol)! I’m guessing that’s a good thing but there’s some real important things to learn from this experience. The first is that having a second set of sails and an engine is a really good idea (I’m glad I did!). Also, life is an uncertain place and things you don’t expect to happen CAN happen. I mean, I didn’t go out sailing that day thinking to myself, “hmm, I wonder if my sails are going to get shredded today!” You know what I mean!

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What Are We Doing With Our Lives?

The Power of Envy:

love does not envy…” 

If you don’t have hope in God, what DO you have?

If you don’t have any hope to live with God when you die, THEN every moment we live,

we have to scrape to get what we want before we die. See more here:


Traveling the World

Looking to one day travel the world?
One of the things I learned many years ago, was that if you had a dream, to see yourself as succeeding and fulfilling your dream each day and to work to bring it about.
God gave us hearts to envision great things and desire to achieve and sharing his love to the world while we travel through it is an awesome goal and the best thing is…we can achieve it! Not just me. Us!

Earning While Traveling

As you can see I love to travel and find a lot of happiness

and excitement going to new places – especially with my lovely wife…

Preparing Your Home for an Aging Parent

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by Elizabeta Kuzevska



Albie’s Travel!

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Ever had your life (or your boat) flipped upside down?

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“The most important things in life are not “things”.