5 Critical Skills

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Welcome to
The Five Critical Skills!

Downline Builder/ Business Coaching/
Success Guide 


If you were sponsored by anyone other than Elizabeta or myself, then watch the video below, so you can join your sponsor in the affiliate downline builder inside AE Mailer.

When you’re ready to enter your affiliate ID’s into the Downline Builder, then watch this video so you will know how to do and where to go to do so.


This video will also help you understand how to access AE Mailer, how to use it effectively and set up your first ad, how our system works and how you can learn the Five Critical Skills simple step by step! 

Basic Guide:

Skill #1: Effective Advertising

Basic Steps 4-10
Advanced Steps 11-20
Skill #2: Effective Capture Page Making
Skill #3: Effective List Building
Skill #4: Effective Communication with List
Skill #5: Effective Funnel Page Building


Complete each Simple Step.

Step 1: 
Learn how to do a basic ad on AE Mailer
& Get 5000 Free Credits!

This mailer has over 2000 members,
with 35-45 Clicks average on each mail ad sent/ 45-60 clicks per Solo!

Watch the Video for complete details about AE Mailer

and Promo Codes & your first ad setup! 

Get 5000 Credits!

Find Promo Codes

below when you click the link:

Join here: http://advertisingsales.swalbie.com/
Make sure your members have your affiliate link So they can brand everything from inside the downline builder. 


Step 2:
Access Critical Skill #1 Video

Watch the Video for complete details about Critical Skill #1 

and the most effective advertising strategies


Eureopeansafelist has over 16,000 members and is one of my favorite mailers
to advertise with because of it’s huge mailing capacity. With the highest upgrade of 
“Platinum” I can email over 16,000 members 3x a day. I get new subscribers all the 
time from Europeansafelist (your results may be better or worse). All members will get 
the highest credits for clicking your ads at this level. But you can also join for free. 
Want basic “Email Swipes” to add to your ads?
Learn also about how to make creative and more effective Email Swipes of your own.
​go here

After you see the video,

then if you see the value in getting a free account with Europeansafelist.

Join Europeansafelist here: http://europeansafelist.com/s.php?1albie 


Step 3:

Access 442 Pages of FREE Promo Codes Inside
Plus: Learn how to get subscribers from Facebook, Youtube & Safelists.
ADDITIONALLY: “What you may NOT know About Traffic” Free!
See all the bonuses here: 
*Once you join the Prosperity Marketing System
as a ‘Student”, Promo Codes are inside:
“Training Courses/ Free Training”
If you need help:
[email protected]

 PS: After you click the link and join below, 
Then it is a problem of cookies. Use a different email and browser (such as Chrome,
Firefox or Internet Explorer) or clear your cookies and then join again.
Join here: https://www.prosperitymarketingsystem.com/go/?s=137401 
Rebrand Your link inside AE Mailer/ Affiliate Builder


In Order to Proceed to Step 4 below, You will need the Password.

Once you have begun your free trial as a “Student” (NOT “Tour Taker”),

simply look for the Password inside the Prosperity Marketing System under:

“Training Tab / Passwords”

Need help?

Email us at [email protected]



Albie Derbyshire
cell: 626-379-5692
[email protected]
Skype: SailingwithAlbie

Or after you join connect with us here 

189 N Marengo #100, Pasadena, CA. 91101

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Affiliate Marketing Tools

You can find all Affiliate Marketing Tools we personally use in our business. Some tools you can find in several places because we use them for several purposes. All of the tools below are tools that are proven and are not here only for promoting. You can find some free Affiliate Marketing Tools too.

Affiliate Marketing Tools for Landing Page & Design Tools

Power Lead System
We use PLS to teach all 5 Crucial Skills, with almost every tool that you need.  Build 6 fig. income with high mo. residual income, team overrides & earn high ticket items. Create unlimited splash pages & funnels with an autoresponder that has unlimited contacts, single opt-in, unlimited emails podcasts, training, & more. It has 7 days of free trial and costs $30 a month after that.
Build A Biz Online
This program offers Splash Page Builders, Banner Builders, URL Trackers, Shrinkers, Branding, Email Trackers, & more.
The cost is $1 for the first 15 days then $6 or $10 dollars a month.
Prosperity Marketing System
You can Create Splash pages Using Ready Tool, Using HTML Editor
Using Share Code. It has 7 days of free trial and costs $12 a month after that
It has the training, basic autoresponder and affiliate funnel
My Vip contacts
This program offers Splash Page Builders, Banner Builders, URL Trackers, Rotators, Digital Downloads with PLR and MRR rights,  autoresponder for unlimited contacts, and more. The price is $10.97 a month.

You can create super easy to make landing pages with this system.
Make unlimited landing pages for a lifetime payment of $47.  Keep all your leads. Connect them to Aweber, GetResponse, TrafficWave, GoGVO, Mail Chimp & more!
AE Mailer
You can Create Splash pages for free Using Ready Tool. You can connect them with your autoresponder or with your affiliate link ( which is not recommended)

Affiliate Marketing Tools for Email Marketing

Power Lead System
We use the Power Lead System to create personal opt-in pages for all our members. It has an autoresponder with unlimited contacts and unlimited emails. It has 7 days of free trial and costs $30 a month after that.
AWeber is an easy-to-use email marketing platform that allows business owners and entrepreneurs to cultivate relationships with their customers. It is free up to 500 contacts and 3000 emails

Affiliate Marketing Tools for Tracking 

You must use a good tracking program that shows you the right analytics. We use Clixtrax.  Try it for free and start tracking all your results. It has free, $5 & $10 monthly payments’ options
HitsConnect is a good tracker too but it is limited to 10 rotators only and 100 pages. It is not suitable if you want to track your member’s results, but it is excellent if you track your campaigns only.

Traffic Sources 

Mailers & Safelists
Udimi Solo Ads
Viral Traffic Coop
FB , Tweeter , Pinterest https://www.scoop.it/-zeropark.comTribber
Guest Posts
You can find more in the book “How To Master and Dominate Traffic Sources” in AE Mailer

Affiliate marketing Tools for design and media ( Both have Free and Paid Version)

Canva is a graphic design platform that allows users to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, and other visual content. It is available on web and mobile and integrates millions of images, fonts, templates, and illustrations

Pixelied is the most Cost-Effective Design Solution for Startups & Individuals. A simplified design tool that makes it easy for users to create designs for their social media, blog posts, email headers, and illustrations.

What if you could create beautiful eBooks in under 60 seconds? Here’s a tool you gotta see people…  This is perfect for creating products, and lead gen reports. Watch this video to see how fast this process can be

Writing tools ( All of them are free or have a free version)

HTML-online editor

SEO Tools & Keyword Research ( All of them are free or have a free version)

Seo Suite
Keyword Tool
Plagiarism Checker
Page Rank Checker
Keyword Finder

Programs With Which We Have Awesome Results

These are the programs with which we have awesome results:

Power Lead System

Click Here to see all features and benefits of the program


Prosperity Marketing System

Prosperity Marketing System

Click Here to see all features and benefits of the program


Global Domain International (GDI) 



Click Here to see all features and benefits of the program


Need More Help?



Click Here for more details: 




Mailers and Safelists

Here are some Safelists Sites which generate a lot of engagements for us.  You can join them for free and upgrade later if you want, when you will see the results.

Join ListMailerPlus.com

Join ListImpact.com

Downline Building to the Maxx



Explode My List!

Profitable Email Marketing



Join ListAvail.com

Leads, Leads, Leads!



Are you interested in free traffic codes to 442 sites, personal coaching, education and working with the team?
Join Prosperity Marketing System under our link and get Free Promo Codes to 442 sites, Free eBook  how to master all traffic sources, and much more.

Prosperity Marketing System


If you want to get MORE hits a week, we encourage you to sign up for the $7 e-book called “Secrets of the Big Dogs” where you will learn everything about free and paid traffic sources. Don’t worry, it’s TOTALLY worth it and will help you even more to get more exposure. Click on the banner below and get it!


We hope this helps you!

~Albie & Elizabeta


How To Become Wealthy Using The Internet In 2020

I want to give you access to this Free eBook that my mate has created. It’s called “The World Of New Riches”.
The ebook talks about different strategies and concepts on how you can become a millionaire in the 21st Century. It’s actually very interesting so make sure to read the entire eBook.
Here is the last chapter of the book
Share your thoughts with me when you will read it. I am sure you will find it helpful and learn a lot about online business
You can contact me on [email protected]

Download the book and enjoy reading it

How To Become Wealthy Using The Internet In 2020
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How to Pack Your List with BUYERS (step by step)

I’m going to show you how to market yourself and pack your list with  eager, qualified buyers, and make  more ‘moolah’ from your emails almost effortlessly.

Here’s how it works…

If you’re attracting buyers, then  they have to “buy” something, right?

———Step 1———

You’re going to create a small report…  bascially a “mini product” and sell it for a low price to boost sales conversions.

I’m talking about $10 or less.

We’re not talking about a massive course here, so don’t freak out.
You just want to create an entry level product.

Creating your report should only take a few hours.

Just remember, an ebook is basically a collection of articles.  So when creating a report, just compile a few articles.

Just make sure that these articles have really good information.

Your options are…

A. Write them yourself

B. Purchased articles with private label rights

C. Pay someone to write them.

With options 2 and 3, you don’t have to be the expert or know anything about the subject. You can take on the role of “reporter” instead.

An additional option for creating content leveraging someone elses expertise is to interview someone.

You don’t have to actually talk to the expert, just send them a list of questions in an email and they’ll return them with the answers.

However, the “in” thing lately is to actually talk to someone on the phone and turn it into an audio MP3.  This has more  value than a written documentor PDF. 

But again, that’s optional.

Ok, so skipping ahead…

You’ve chosen a hot topic to create your short report.

———Step 2———

It’s time to setup a sales page that convinces browsers to become buyers.

So again, you have options…

1. Do it yourself
2. Pay someone else to do it*

*Take a look around the Warrior Forum (warriorforum.com) in the  “for hire” section, “copywriters” section, or even in the “Warrior Special Offer” section. 

———Step 3———

Time to set it up so that you can take orders.

This is super easy. 

Just go to Click Bank, Warrior plus or JVZoo

You can setup your first product at no cost, plus you can protect your download and easily get  your customers onto your email list!

Once you get your product setup, you’ll get an order link and order buttons to place on your sales  page (copy n paste easy).

Plus… you get an affiliate page to put your promotional tools on and to send affiliates to, to get their affiliate link.

Side note – you can set commissions up to 100%.

You’re going to find affiliates and convince them to send you traffic for instant 100% commissions.

Giving 100% is attractive and many will say “yes” if you’re report is quality.

It’s worth giving away the front end profits because you’re getting  “buyers” on your list.

You’ll have multiple chances to make profits from them in the future (as long as they stay on your list).

————Step 4———— 

In this step, I’m going to give you  a step by step plan for finding  affiliates.

Then I’m going to give you a HOT  TIP for getting buyers on your list  without relying on a single affiliateby putting your report in front of a rabid audience who is addicted  to buying these type of products.

Here’s how it works…

1. Go to Google and type in the primary keyword or phrase that  your target audience would most  likely use to find your product.

2. Visit the Top 10 to 20 websites  that show up on the first two pages  of results. These are the sites that are getting the most traffic.

3. Make note of the sites that are selling a “similar”, but not “exact” product like yours. 

For example, if your ebook/report is about exercises that you can do  at home and one of the sites you  visit sells an ebook on nutrition, they’re a perfect candidate.

You’re both in the Fitness niche but not directly competing with each other.  

They get extra points if you see a newsletter subscription form on the site.  This means they have built-in, targeted traffic that you can leverage!

4. Find their contact information and send them an email, or postal letter, introducing yourself and your product/website, along with how you found them.

Tell them a little about your product and how it compliments  theirs and that you would like to propose a mutually profitable joint venture.

Then ask them to contact you for more details.  That’s it. 

The “1st contact” is just about getting them to respond, so make it short.

When they contact you, explain  your proposal.

Tell them how your ebook will benefit their customers.  Offer to send a complimentary review copy of your ebook to see for themselves.

Then, if they’re happy with the ebook and think it’s a good fit for their customers/subscribers, you’ll be happy to share 100% of  the profits for every sale they  refer.

If they agree, the next step is to send them the “affiliate page”  that will contain their unique affiliate link and any promotional materials.

If all goes well, you could have sales (and buyers on your list) in as little as 24 hours… depending on how quick your affiliate partnerpromotes your ebook.

Your next step?

Rinse and repeat!

I’ve just given you a complete business model that has made others, just like you, extremely  successful.

All you have to do is take the ball and run with it.

Now, as promised – a HOT TIP:

————Step 5———— 

Here’s a hot resource that you can use ASAP to put bucks in your pocket in a matter of hours.  

You keep all of the profits and the buyers!

Here’s what you’ll need:

1. A product/offer. 

This is the report/ebook you created.

Of course, it could be a video tutorial,  software, templates, a service, etc (anything that’s in demand).

*It can’t be a resell right product that you purchased rights to. It has to be original (or modified enough that you’ve made it your own).

2. Way to take orders and deliver the product. 

3. You’ll need $40 to advertise.

4. Go to WarriorForum.com and buy a WSO (warrior special offer).

Note: if you’re not a member of the  forum, you’ll need to have a minimum number of “posts” before you can advertise in a WSO.  Just read the  rules.

But don’t worry, you can do this in few hours if you have time.

5. Look over other WSO’s to get a feel for their subject lines and ad copy. Model after some of the most successful  (identified by the greatest number of views)

6. Create a new WSO post and enter  your sales copy (aka, sales letter) explaining why it’s the greatest think since sliced bread and how your product or service will make life  better for members or help them achieve their goals faster and easier, etc

Just make sure that the “Warriors” get a price LESS than the general public…

*That’s why it’s called a “Warrior Special Offer” 😉

*FYI: The forum is targeted to Internet Marketers so anything related to this niche is perfect.

7. Submit payment for the Ad

8. Sit back and wait for payments to arrive in your  account.

This can literally happen in minutes after submitting your WSO, and if the offer hits a nerve with members, you will see sales, and lots of them, for  days.

There are people making a full time living doing this.  It’s crazy the kind of moolah being generated with this.

But it’s all about taking massive action if you want massive results.

I hope you’re finding these tips useful.

The lessons I’m giving you are more valuable than most products being sold in the market right now.

The best part is… no wallet is required 🙂

But everything I’m giving you isn’t worth a dime if you don’t take it and do something with it.

Having knowledge and applying it are two DIFFERENT things.

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Steps To Exploding Your Internet Sales

In this article, you will learn the basic steps that will explode your Internet sales, whether you’re promoting your own offer or someone else’s.

1. Pick a Market

If you already have a niche, skip to step 2.  

Otherwise, the key to finding a niche is to research what’s already being sold; what people are already buying.

Go to Clickbank.com/marketplace and search the various niche categories and sort by “gravity”. This will tell you the  products that are getting the most sales.

Read more => How to earn with Click Bank 

Go to ebay.com and look through the most searched products. This will give you a quick glance as to what people are looking to buy.  Also see their “completed items” category.

Go to Amazon and search their “best sellers” list in the books category. 

You can also go to Magazines.com and look through their listings. If “demand” is high enough (in any niche) to support a magazine, then it’s an indicator that it has high profitability.  

2. Pick a Product 

When you have picked a specific market, now it is time to select a product. Just choose one for now.

Go to Clickbank.com’s marketplace and search products with the highest gravity in any niche to instantly see what people are already buying. This will show you what’s “in demand” ASAP. 

3. Create the squeeze page about the product.

Building an email list is not an option if you want to make money online…

It’s a priority! In fact, one of the most important things you can do for your online business is to develop and maintain an email list.

So how do you get people to sign up? Many get people to sign up by offering gifts or something that will be valuable to your subscribers. Most people will be attracted by free items as long as they appear to add a lot of value, such as a video course, ebook or short report, or a webinar – if it is targeted to what the person is actually  interested in or looking for.

Autoresponder services make growing and managing your email list a snap! Previously I used other autoresponders and I had more pending than active subscribers.  I use single opt-in in Aweber now and I don’t lose my subscribers. If you want to succeed in online business you must invest in a quality autoresponder. 

You should make sure that the sign up procedure is easy and avoid asking too much information like phone numbers and addresses. The less information you ask from the subscribers that more likely they will sign up for your email list. You can ask for the first names so that you can personalize each email that you send out. Here’s an example of an effective sign up form…

If you want a little help, visit workwithgdi.ws newsletter. I can add Aweber form on your ws.website too. 

However you do it, building a list should be priority #1 when you are building an online business. Most people aren’t going to buy from you at first glance of your website, but if you invite those same people to join your list free, and then follow up regularly with a high value newsletter and educational emails about your product, you are certain to turn more visitors into customers. Build your list, and your fortune will follow… 🙂

4. Build an Autoresponder Series

Don’t seel directly. According to statistics people buy after 7-9 emails about the product You’re going to research the product’s benefits and create an email series that pre-sells the product.  You can get this info from the vendors’ affiliate site

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How to earn with Click Bank – The Ultimate Guide


You look at the ad again and again. You tried so many times without results.

You don’t know if this one is the right ones — the one which will help you to earn money online. 

The dilemma is…

How to find the products to promote and earn asap from them.

You can try promoting Click Banks Products. 

If you don’t have one here is how to open Click Bank Account.

Click Here To Open A Click bank Account.

When you open and enter in your account on the top many, you will find a market place


You can see,  a lot of categories on the sidebar from which you can choose what to promote
For example, I will search for the product in the Health & Fitness niche.

When you click on Health and Fitness niche on the left-hand sidebar, you will get many products according to popularity


You want to promote something which other people buy. So choose the program according to Gravity and Avg $/Sale. You want to promote something with a lot of conversions and to earn money promoting it


 Bellow you can see what represent each parameter. 

  1. Gravity – The gravity performance statistic is an approximate, relative measure of how many affiliates have successfully promoted products from an account, with a higher number meaning more conversions. You can select this checkbox and enter criteria to search for products with a gravity performance score above a specified value, below a specified value, or between two values.
  2. Initial $/Sale – This number represents the average dollar value of an initial sale, not including rebills, to the affiliate who drives the sale. You can select this checkbox and enter criteria to search for products with an initial $/sale above a specified value, below a specified value, or between two values.
  3. Avg $/Sale – This number represents the average dollar value of a sale, including both initial and rebill payments, to the affiliate who drives the sale. You can select this checkbox and enter criteria to search for products with an avg $/sale above a specified value, below a specified value, or between two values.
  4. Avg Rebill Total – This number represents the average total dollar value of a sale, including only rebill payments, to the affiliate who drives the sale. You can select this checkbox and enter criteria to search for products with an avg rebill total above a specified value, below a specified value, or between two values.
  5. Avg %/Sale – This number represents the average affiliate commission percentage for a sale, including both initial and rebill commissions. You can select this checkbox and enter criteria to search for products with an avg %/sale above a specified value, below a specified value, or between two values.
  6. Avg %/Rebill – This number represents the average affiliate commission percentage for a sale, including only the rebill commission. You can select this checkbox and enter criteria to search for products with an avg %/rebill above a specified value, below a specified value, or between two values.

Let us back to our Health and Fitness niche to choose the product for promotion

When we click to search for products according to gravity, we get products according to gravity 

Now find the product with good gravity and higher earnings (Avg $/Sale)

This one looks good for promotion

With a  gravity of 137 and a  commission of $66, this program can be a moneymaker. You find a good product now so you can start promoting. Right? 

But you are wrong. Now you have to find out more about the product. To do that go to the program’s affiliate page

Never promote products without promotion tools pages.

Typical promotional tools are

  1. Landing pages
  2. Banners
  3. Pre-sell content
  4. Email Swipes
  5. Product images
  6. Videos
  7. Keywords

Here’s an example:

Surely with all these materials on hand, you can make this work.
All these tools are tested and proven. Use them as they are.
If you want to build your list promoting Click Bank products create the squeeze page for every program. In the thank you page put your affiliate link from Click Bank.

When you’re done, click promote, and grab the affiliate links you’ll use to promote the product:

Now you can promote it

Here are some tips How To Make Money On ClickBank

I won’t lie to you.
Making money on ClickBank, like anything worthwhile, won’t be smooth sailing, especially at the beginning. It’ll take creativity, trial and error, a jumbo size coffee urn for that much-needed caffeine fix — and loads of patience. Here are  tips to help get you started:


  • Promote high-quality products that you personally find interesting and would consider purchasing. Personally, I mainly buy the products before I promote them. I use CBproAds.com. to choose what to promote too. Here are the best products according to customers reviews. 
  • Believing in the value of a product will make you better at promoting it, both because your promotional efforts will be more believable, and because you’ll have a better understanding of what draws potential customers to that product in the first place. Try promoting products you feel passionate about, instead of only promoting products that are popular with everyone else.
  • Take advantage of the tools and tips that vendors offer on the Affiliates pages of their sites.
    They often include useful information about the best ways to promote their products, and may also provide images, suggestions for related keywords, and more.
  • Test your HopLinks and campaigns regularly to ensure they’re working properly.
  • Spend time researching various promotional techniques before you get started.
    Search on the Internet for specifics on each promotional technique should get you a great deal of good information for free.
  • Be flexible about your techniques, and be willing to make changes if something isn’t working.
    Different techniques work for different types of products, so what worked for you in the past may not work in the future. The business of affiliate marketing changes very quickly, so you always need to be ready to adjust to market trends, new products, and other unforeseen circumstances.
  • Store copies of your HopLinks in a file on your computer.
    It’s also a good idea to include a note about which product the HopLink corresponds to, and any additional details you want to remember about the product. ClickBank doesn’t store copies of HopLinks you’ve created, so if you want to have easy access to them for future promotions, you’ll need to store them yourself.
  • Choose an inoffensive account nickname.
    While your nickname doesn’t have to be perfect (see the Don’t below), it will be visible to customers, so it’s a good idea to make it something that won’t offend anyone or make them decide not to purchase through you.
  • Follow the terms and conditions of any sites you’re using.
    If you promote a product on Facebook, Pinterest, Craigslist, or any other site, you must follow their terms and conditions as well as ours. We terminate accounts who violate the terms and conditions of other sites to protect our business with those sites.
  • Don’t be obsessed with high gravity and $/Sale It’s not necessarily the product with the highest gravity or Ave$/Sale you should focus on  Programs with a very high Av$/Sale have stiffer competition And, they usually have lower conversions Those in the middle have higher conversions  Find the right balance.


  • Don’t spam.
    There are a number of reasons not to spam other people with affiliate promotions. ClickBank takes complaints of spamming very seriously, and we will suspend or terminate accounts if we determine that they are associated with spamming. Additionally, many websites, social networks, forums, blogs, and Internet Service Providers take reporting of spamming seriously, so you can quickly find yourself banned from popular places to promote products if your promotions are considered to be spam and are reported by others.
  • Don’t fill out the My Site/My Products/My Images sections of the Vendor Settings tab.
    These account sections are only intended for ClickBank vendors, not for affiliates. Please leave these blank unless you want to become a ClickBank vendor.
  • Don’t use “negative” advertising campaigns.
    While some affiliates think it’s a good idea to create ads like “Is Product X a scam?” and then link to the product, we strongly recommend that you not use this method of advertising. Many vendors are opposed to people associating their product with being a scam and can request that ClickBank ban particular affiliates from promoting their product if they catch them doing this. This means that your advertising efforts go to waste and you won’t be able to promote that vendor’s product in the future. In addition, it makes ClickBank products in general look bad and can make customers hesitant to buy the product since you’ve introduced doubt in their mind. It’s better to highlight the benefits of a product right off the bat, instead of introducing fear about a product and then trying to sell a customer on the product anyway.
  • Don’t feel that you must purchase the product you want to promote.
    You’re never required to purchase a product to be able to promote it, though sometimes owning and using the product can lead to new ideas on how to promote the product.
  • Don’t offer bonuses of cash or cash equivalents (such as gift cards) for customers who purchase a product through your HopLink.
    This is not allowed in ClickBank’s Client Contract. You can, however, offer other types of bonuses, such as additional ebooks or related products, to customers who purchase through your HopLink.
  • Don’t expect to quickly generate a lot of traffic using free promotional techniques.
    While free promotional methods such as search engine optimization (SEO) and social media can eventually lead to lots of traffic, beginner affiliates will likely not drive much traffic from these methods until they’ve had time to build up their efforts, reputation, and search engine rankings.
  • Don’t mask or store your HopLink in a frame.
    For your HopLinks to be properly tracked, they must not be stored in a frame. If your domain is masked, your HopLink will be stored in this manner, and therefore will be unreliable.
  • Don’t promote the “resolved” form of a HopLink.
    An example of this would be www.examplesite.com/?hop=yournickname. Instead, you must use the HopLink format ending in hop.clickbank.net so the Hop can be tracked correctly, ensuring you receive affiliate credit on the sale.
  • Don’t use your password as a Tracking ID.
    If you choose to include a Tracking ID on your HopLink, it is visible to anyone who clicks your HopLink, as is your account nickname. Having both of these pieces of information visible to others may invite unauthorized access to your account.
  • Don’t be overly concerned with picking a “perfect” ClickBank nickname.
    Your advertising efforts are what really count, not the nickname you use.

Let me ask again.
Can you make money on ClickBank?
Just be sure to do your homework.
If you thoroughly vet the programs, you’ll cash in.
Many folks like you make $50-$100 a day on ClickBank. That’s a yummy $1500+ passive monthly income.
You can do it too. Hop over to ClickBank and get started now.




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