Core Ingredients to fulfill Your Dreams

So I’m curious what your thoughts are on the total well being
of your Body, Soul and Spirit? 

You know, each day I go for a couple walks to get the exercise I need and also

to see the sunshine and something beautiful in nature

as I walk through the park during sunset. I like to talk to God

also during this time and remember the things in life that really matter

– such as love, family and doing what is right. 

At different points of my life, I’ve been guilty of completely 

ignoring these three core elements in my life. Maybe you have also? 

It took me years to realize I needed to give them the attention they deserve

and focus on them in actual practical daily practice.

These three areas can be realized as this:

The Body: Eating right and exercise,

Soul: Taking care of your intellect, emotions and will,

Spirit: Taking care of your heart (the deepest part of you, the eternal).

Some people only focus on one. But balance is the key.

They are all important and each part you strengthen, strengthens the others. 

Achieving your dreams is all part of challenging your intellect, emotions and will. 

The key is to not let your ambition destroy the balance and overrule

your spirit and your heart.

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~Albie Derbyshire

~ Elizabeta Kuzevska

PS: You should read the book “The 12 Pillars” by Jim Rohn & Chris Widener.
It talks all about this plus it’s a super easy book to read and fun – yet life changing too. You can see it here.