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    This is the original email we sent out which got this response:

    This is Elizabeta Kuzevska and I am here to help you be successful with your online business. You are receiving this email message because you joined my AE Mailer traffic club, requested information from one of my lead capture pages, or joined a site with me as your sponsor.

    Do you know the ONE reason most online marketers struggle?

    It doesn’t matter what their business model is.

    They could be affiliate marketers, or product owners, or bloggers, or anything else you can imagine.

    It’s not the technical stuff that hurts them. You can build a great website easily these days.

    It’s not even choosing a business model, or finding a great niche, or lots of other things that could be on the list.

    There is one essential element in generating income from your website or opportunity. You need a steady flow of traffic.

    If no one visits your site, it doesn’t have a chance of generating any income. Any person which promises income without lots of traffic is not someone you trust.

    Some online business owners get most of their traffic from paid traffic sources. These can be great if you have money to invest and you know how to track your traffic and signups. You need tracking to tell which ads and traffic sources are working, and which ones are not getting results.

    If you need to generate traffic for free or very low-cost, then don’t worry. It doesn’t take a lot of cash to generate website traffic for your site!

    I have built my business primarily from low-cost or free traffic sources. I will share with you each week, which traffic sources are getting the most signups for my promotions. If you use these same sources, then you will get consistent signups too.

    One of my favorite sources for low-cost or free traffic are safelists or viral mailers. These allow you to earn credits by reading other marketer’s emails, and then use those credits to get views on your email promotions too.

    All of them are free to join. You can upgrade later which lets you send more promotions and earn advertising faster and easier.

    Here are the safelists which give me the most signups on a consistent basis.

    To your online success,


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    Here’s the answer:

    So here’s the share code in PLS with a similar version of this: 752201-provensafelists
    Here’s the little training on setting up Share Codes:  

    If you need to set HTML code on your blog, then here’s the training how to set HTML in WordPress: 
    “Hi here is the HTML code to add to your blog. Be sure to click the “Text” button first or if you have the more updated version press the “menu” button on the far right and then “code” editor” and then paste the code in.

    After you paste the code in then press the “Image” button or if you are using newer version – the “menu” again and then “visual editor” this time to get your page back to normal. If you need more help just go to this link on adding HTML code for pics etc. I hope this helps you!

    So you know if you get stuck at any point, I’m here to help you out of it. We can connect on Facebook Messenger anytime and figure out the spots you get stuck at. Ok! 🙂 
    Did this help? 

    PS: Setting up your blog for GDI Team Elite is covered in Step 8 of the Sixteen Steps, if you want to check that out. What step were you on? 

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