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    hi Albie.

    I wanted to ask you how long do you really estimate that I can make money? I have some money saved but I want to make it back.

    Thanks a lot.



    Hey Wingham. So nice to meet you! ?

    To be completely honest, at the beginning without having built a list or without understanding advertising it’s actually hard to make income right away. It’s not impossible but harder because you’re not in a good position. We can start to change this but it takes time to learn the skills required and persistence. Everyone wants to tell you that it’s easy – because “easy” sells. Unfortunately it’s not really the truth. Also you have to remember, this is not a job where you clock in out. You have to learn the skills to actually create your own sales. And as I said before these skills take time to learn

    Do you mind me sharing my story with you Wingham? I may have shared it with you before but It still might help you. You can see all the difficulties I had without a mentor:

    In 2012 our school lost funding and I lost my job as a teacher (been a kindergarten teacher for 20 yrs)
    So over the years I was in 40 different business opportunities and never had real success with any of them. Sure I made some money here and there but my biggest problem was consistent online sales. Anyway my online business changed when I came across my seven figure income mentor. My mentor taught me a lot of things but the most important was how vital real communication is with your new prospects and team. Today we have over 104 paying members on our team with over 9 leaders and it keeps growing daily. We make sales every single day and often It’s because of our team and not even our personal efforts anymore. Before I used to have trouble even making a sale maybe once a month.

    Anyway, my business partner Elizabeta (from Macedonia) and I (from Pasadena CA) have had a lot of frustrations for many years working online until we were mentored by a professional and began making consistent income. We also teach these same principles to everyone on our team. We actively promote the Prosperity Marketing System (PMS) together because we found we were making more and more monthly income online then any other program we’ve worked with and now encourage everyone to join us. We promote differently then most people and will share all our methods and best traffic sources with you. By the way, who’s team are you on Wingham?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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