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    Here’s the original post that brought on this question:

    Hi this is Albie (I’m your upline in the Prosperity Marketing System).

    Look if you’re not trying to master the five crucial skills then no matter what system you’re using online it will fail – I promise you.

    And even with all the special pages that we set up for you and all the bonuses that we give you, if you are not actively learning these skills – I repeat, our system will fail you too!

    So how can you stop the failure? First of all by going through our training one training page at a time. Then getting back with us so we can coach you through each page.

    There’s no “easy way” or “done for you” way that actually works. Sure there’s lots of systems that can do a lot of it for you but not the critical aspects that create consistent income online.

    Don’t believe me? Real sales are made by real marketers connecting personally with real customers in real life, period. Sure you can get automated sales, but those customers don’t stick. I get subscribers every day emailing me back for more information. And I email them back and connect personally with them. That’s where it all starts.

    You need one on one guidance to achieve these real results.

    If you’re on our team already and want to reach us and begin this process then simply reply back with the subject line: teach me the five crucial skills please.” and I’ll send you a check sheet and guide you through.

    If you haven’t started yet then reply back “share with me more.”

    Talk soon!



    Here”s our reply from one of our students:

    Yes, I am still interested.
    Teach me the five crucial skills, please


    Hey ?

    How are you my friend?

    So here’s the check sheet:

    check sheet

    So Skill #1 is Effective Advertising.

    You’ve mastered getting lots of hits and getting subscribers. Now you just need to get an understanding of tracking your hits and which sites convert. I see you have PLS. So you can track all your links and hits on there and you can also see what pages are binging in conversions. PLS has almost everything we need to work through all the five skills. The only thing you can’t check is what safelist brought in that subscriber. You actually may be with the IP address and a little work…So either way, let’s start where we are. Here’s the training to track your hits in PLS:

    We now have our main training website open for GDI, PMS and PLS. It includes a forum where our team can post all their questions and we will mentor them and send back answers. Just feel free to get a free account at

    Then enter your password and you can get in. Then go to the forum and post your answers and we’ll get back with you 🙂

    You can also access the basic training area and you can access the PLS training from the “Start Here” area in Basic training. You’ll find a lot of things including all our safelists in the “Mailers” tab and tools are coming next. If you want the first three passwords to access the additional basic training, just let us know.

    I hope this helped. So nice to talk to you again. Let me know how it goes ok!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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