Is this your big break?

How long does this take!” I screamed at my computer. You would
think I needed to get a degree at some university just to make a
single dollar online.

So if I did it for five years, then it’s not surprising to see you all
joining one program after the next hoping that it will be your
BIG BREAK (lol!). I get it.

But what I eventually realized is that it’s not the program that you’re
(and yes, is not the answer to all your problems either).

What is it then? Well, its the skills that you learn (and we will teach you).
Does it take time to learn? Yes, but you can do it in your spare time.

Want me to teach you something from out of our “10 Steps to Living
a Rich Life”?
Ok, this is something we give you when you join our team
and I see you’re serious about learning:

Rule #1: Don’t lose money.
Rule #2: Remember rule #1.”

Warren Buffet

Rule #3:…

There’s more but you will need to really mean business for
me to show it to you.

I do really want to show you all 10 Steps as it will change your
life – like it did for me
. But first, join us in one of our programs,
and then connect back with me so I can see how serious you
are about succeeding.

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Want to see more about joining us? Simply reply back with:
Share with me more” and I’ll do exactly that.

See you soon!


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“typical” experience is. It is not possible for us to measure all results of all participants.
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Again, THESE RESULTS MAY NOT BE TYPICAL. No results from any person using our
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In short, this is a business and there are no guarantees in business. Nothing in this presentation
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depend on your execution in your business and how many sales you close/how much business
you acquire, just as it would in any business in the world. If anything in this disclosure if not
100% clear to you, please do not continue. If you are offered another opportunity where they
share testimonials or individual accounts of their results, and they do not make sure that the
above disclosure clear, just know that they are not following the law of the USA. Hypothetically,
even if every single participant became a millionaire (which they absolutely do not, this is only a
hypothetical example to make a point), and we could document that hypothetical, we
would still be required to make this disclosure.


the 5 critical skills…#2

There are no secrets to success – yeah right!” I mumbled. “That’s why
everyone is so successful working online!” I laughed. 

So let me do you a favor and tell you the truth:

Here’s the 2nd secret in building your business:  Critical Skill #2: 

“Effective Capture Page Creation”. Or to put it simply:

“Learn how to build an easy but effective splash page.”

Why you might ask? Well because if you don’t learn how to capture
your audiences attention
, then you won’t get subscribers and if you don’t
do this, you won’t build your list and if you don’t build a list, you won’t have
anyone to talk to and build customer relations with. Simple! (haha!). 

So it’s an important skill to learn. Does it sound hard or like you need
technical skills?
On the outside it does. But the reality is that it doesn’t.
There are plenty of great capture page makers that are user friendly. You
just need to start using one and getting better at it.

The system I use has all the tools I use to teach my team all 5 Critical Skills.
You can see more about it below:

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10x more than anything else

Want to chat about any of this? Simply reply back with:
Share with me more” and I’ll definitely get back with you later today!

Talk soon. 🙂

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*Disclaimer: Of course you may never make money if you don’t have a good work ethic
or are not willing to do what it takes to make it happen. Some people quit before they
even read the instructions! No claims are made here. This information may not convey
typical results and your results may be better or worse. This information on this page is
for example purposes only. Use this information at your own risk.



Why on earth do I keep failing at this?

What is the deal?” I almost shouted at myself. “Why can’t I ever seem

to make any money online!” You’ve been there too I can see…

So curious why you may be failing online? 

The reason is actually very simple. Even if you’re following our “system”
or Darren’s system or Jeff’s System or whatever system – you will fail.
Do you know why?

 It’s because you’re not implementing real skills. There are five critical
skills to marketing online and just like anything else, you need to
learn them.

That’s why Elizabeta, myself, and a host of others are not failing. We
advertise a lot each week. We track our links and see how many
subscribers we get compared to how many hits we get. We make our
own splash pages. We build our own list. We communicate with our list,
initiate conversation with our list, and reply back to our list.

This is what four of the five skills are.

And if you are just advertising only and not doing the other skills -you’re
like a baby living on milk only. You may get a paying signup here and there
but you’re not like the mother bird going to get the food. 

So what to do about it? Simple. Learn the skills one by one. And be patient
with yourself. It takes time to learn. It took us a lot of time and persistence.
We were discouraged too. But eventually, you will learn!
But you need to take action and take responsibility for your success.

The next step is simple. Just reply back in the subject line with:
Please help me learn.” And we will! 




Skype: Albion Derbyshire


REQUIRED EARNINGS DISCLOSURE: We cannot guarantee that you will be able
to generate any income amount as this is based on work ethic, persistence and possibly
your skill set. Participation in anything mentioned in this email is at your own risk.


Let me get straight to the point.

Will you please get to the point!” I mumbled to myself, as I read
this long email that just went on and on. So yeah, let me cut through

the ‘smoke screen’ and get you up to speed!

So you’re probably wondering how internet marketing really works?

First off internet marketing is all about giving free stuff away.
That’s how you get subscribers and then customers.

If you’re thinking that you can make money online as a free member
only, then you still have a lot to learn.
There’s NO WAY you are going to
get the training and understanding and correct tools you really need to
succeed for free.

Oh sure, I know there are tons of free tools out there but they always
are lacking something that is critical to succeeding online.

(I know because I spent years trying to succeed online for free.
Free programs, free tools, free everything. It was all in vain.
A lot of time wasted. Hopefully I can save you from a lot of mistakes!)


Okay, so the Free Lead System is a great system and you can get half
of your leads for free – which is fine.

However, you need a way to make money and usually, if you don’t
invest in something, you won’t believe in it enough to be able to sell it. 

This brings us to the first upgrade: Lead Lightning. Okay, so it’s better than
the Free Lead System because it allows you to keep ALL your leads and
allows you to make $6 over and over again with only a one-time
investment of $7.

You’re probably asking if having this system is enough to succeed?

That’s a good question and instead of giving you the runaround – like
so many online marketers do, I’m going to tell you the truth: NO it’s not.

And why is it not enough? This is because you need real internet skills
to make it and you need the right tools. Just like a carpenter needs the right
skills and the right tools to make furniture – so do you! So how do you get
these skills and tools?

Step One: Join Lead Lightning and let us help you begin the process of
learning how to get leads and make money.  To be honest, this is just a
place to start (but it’s a GOOD place to start!)

What’s the next Step? I will cover this in my next email! (so watch for
tomorrow’s email).

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And if you want more information about joining our team, then simply reply back
with: “Tell me more” and I will!

Talk soon. 🙂

Skype: Albion Derbyshire