the 5 critical skills…#2

There are no secrets to success – yeah right!” I mumbled. “That’s why
everyone is so successful working online!” I laughed. 

So let me do you a favor and tell you the truth:

Here’s the 2nd secret in building your business:  Critical Skill #2: 

“Effective Capture Page Creation”. Or to put it simply:

“Learn how to build an easy but effective splash page.”

Why you might ask? Well because if you don’t learn how to capture
your audiences attention
, then you won’t get subscribers and if you don’t
do this, you won’t build your list and if you don’t build a list, you won’t have
anyone to talk to and build customer relations with. Simple! (haha!). 

So it’s an important skill to learn. Does it sound hard or like you need
technical skills?
On the outside it does. But the reality is that it doesn’t.
There are plenty of great capture page makers that are user friendly. You
just need to start using one and getting better at it.

The system I use has all the tools I use to teach my team all 5 Critical Skills.
You can see more about it below:

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Want to chat about any of this? Simply reply back with:
Share with me more” and I’ll definitely get back with you later today!

Talk soon. 🙂

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*Disclaimer: Of course you may never make money if you don’t have a good work ethic
or are not willing to do what it takes to make it happen. Some people quit before they
even read the instructions! No claims are made here. This information may not convey
typical results and your results may be better or worse. This information on this page is
for example purposes only. Use this information at your own risk.



Why on earth do I keep failing at this?

What is the deal?” I almost shouted at myself. “Why can’t I ever seem

to make any money online!” You’ve been there too I can see…

So curious why you may be failing online? 

The reason is actually very simple. Even if you’re following our “system”
or Darren’s system or Jeff’s System or whatever system – you will fail.
Do you know why?

 It’s because you’re not implementing real skills. There are five critical
skills to marketing online and just like anything else, you need to
learn them.

That’s why Elizabeta, myself, and a host of others are not failing. We
advertise a lot each week. We track our links and see how many
subscribers we get compared to how many hits we get. We make our
own splash pages. We build our own list. We communicate with our list,
initiate conversation with our list, and reply back to our list.

This is what four of the five skills are.

And if you are just advertising only and not doing the other skills -you’re
like a baby living on milk only. You may get a paying signup here and there
but you’re not like the mother bird going to get the food. 

So what to do about it? Simple. Learn the skills one by one. And be patient
with yourself. It takes time to learn. It took us a lot of time and persistence.
We were discouraged too. But eventually, you will learn!
But you need to take action and take responsibility for your success.

The next step is simple. Just reply back in the subject line with:
Please help me learn.” And we will! 




Skype: Albion Derbyshire


REQUIRED EARNINGS DISCLOSURE: We cannot guarantee that you will be able
to generate any income amount as this is based on work ethic, persistence and possibly
your skill set. Participation in anything mentioned in this email is at your own risk.


Let me get straight to the point.

Will you please get to the point!” I mumbled to myself, as I read
this long email that just went on and on. So yeah, let me cut through

the ‘smoke screen’ and get you up to speed!

So you’re probably wondering how internet marketing really works?

First off internet marketing is all about giving free stuff away.
That’s how you get subscribers and then customers.

If you’re thinking that you can make money online as a free member
only, then you still have a lot to learn.
There’s NO WAY you are going to
get the training and understanding and correct tools you really need to
succeed for free.

Oh sure, I know there are tons of free tools out there but they always
are lacking something that is critical to succeeding online.

(I know because I spent years trying to succeed online for free.
Free programs, free tools, free everything. It was all in vain.
A lot of time wasted. Hopefully I can save you from a lot of mistakes!)


Okay, so the Free Lead System is a great system and you can get half
of your leads for free – which is fine.

However, you need a way to make money and usually, if you don’t
invest in something, you won’t believe in it enough to be able to sell it. 

This brings us to the first upgrade: Lead Lightning. Okay, so it’s better than
the Free Lead System because it allows you to keep ALL your leads and
allows you to make $6 over and over again with only a one-time
investment of $7.

You’re probably asking if having this system is enough to succeed?

That’s a good question and instead of giving you the runaround – like
so many online marketers do, I’m going to tell you the truth: NO it’s not.

And why is it not enough? This is because you need real internet skills
to make it and you need the right tools. Just like a carpenter needs the right
skills and the right tools to make furniture – so do you! So how do you get
these skills and tools?

Step One: Join Lead Lightning and let us help you begin the process of
learning how to get leads and make money.  To be honest, this is just a
place to start (but it’s a GOOD place to start!)

What’s the next Step? I will cover this in my next email! (so watch for
tomorrow’s email).

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And if you want more information about joining our team, then simply reply back
with: “Tell me more” and I will!

Talk soon. 🙂

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Drops of sunshine…


Hi Albie here! It’s a beautiful day! I’m out walking my dog in a lovely neighborhood. The sky is blue and there’s thousands of trees down this little lane where we’re walking. There’s plenty of shade and a little “drops of sunshine” flicker through the leaves and branches.


While I was walking, I realized that there’s a lot of people who are new to having their own online business. They frequently hear these ads that exclaim that their programs are completely “done for you” in every way and that all you need to do is join and plug in and income is almost guaranteed. In fact, according to them,  you won’t have to do anything except start the program off and “voila”, money will be forced upon you!


I can’t tell you how many programs like this I’ve joined and put my heart and soul into making them work and realized that I couldn’t create any income (or at best, maybe a sale once or twice a month).


Literally, I’ve joined over 40 different business types over the years and learned a little from each of them. The biggest thing that I learned was how lame their marketing systems were (no matter how awesome they seemed at first).


None of them gave me the ability or tools in finding all the traffic I needed. None of them showed me how to build my own ad pages so that I could get a constant steam of subscribers and build a huge online list or how to communicate effectively with that list. And finally, none of them shared how to set up an effective funnel (or if they did, the cost was nearing a thousand dollars). I understand that some things are worth that price but the basics should at least be given.


Hand made “Pirate game”

See article on “Adventures with Miniature Ships” below

I understand the need of upgrades too because often the price of entry (paid by a customer) often doesn’t even pay back the cost of advertising (for the affiliate).
But even then, the system should at least work (for the new customer) if they don’t have enough money to upgrade (you know what I mean!)
So with all these programs promising the world, who would want to join a program that actually told you that not only did you have to work to succeed, but be patient, persistent and actually learn a real skill set? See what I mean!
Well, all I can tell you is that the truth is better in the long run. Lies don’t create the positive “chatter” needed for a business to go viral. And dissatisfied customers, only create negative vibes for that business. 

Hand made sailboat on Irwindale lake.

See article on “Adventures with Miniature Ships” below


..I mean, if I had been taught these skills (from the very beginning) back in 2012, then I would have quadrupled my success by now. But honestly, it took me all the way till 2018 for me to even FIND someone successful to teach me the skills I needed to succeed.
So I’m going to encourage you to join us and learn these skills too (if you’re serious about earning online that is).


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And you may also just email me back with the subject title: “share with me more” and I will! 


To our success, 




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Hi Albie here. Whoever thought you could have so much fun with miniature boats! Well, if you don’t have a real life sized one – this is the next best thing. Especially when you’re a kid and don’t have any other choice. 


When I was a kid, it was either drawing boats or making miniature ones (or building model ones). I couldn’t get enough of any of the three. In fact I put them all together and created a “pirate game”. I drew the map and game board, and built the ships that were in the game. Then I wrote each of the adventures on the cards. We had a lot of fun and would play…


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Hi Albie here! For many years I was looking for the girl of my dreams. Dating was actually pretty painful for me. Finding someone that you can be infatuated with is pretty easy but to find someone that you feel completely “at home” with inside your heart, is another. 


I didn’t know it at the time but when I found Janette, she became to me like my best friend and lover at the same time. It’s really hard to just “find” someone who is a best friend. I mean, I’ve had four best friends in my life. And each of them was not easy to find nor did I find ANY of them “searching” for them. They all came into my life completely
“by accident” when I was least expecting it.


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God’s love is there for you and I always. And its this love that has walked hand in hand with Janette and I through the years. Its been the constant, the bottom denominator, and the reason we’ve come through all the bad times and forgiven each other. It’s this love that has been the light that has illuminated our darkness.
This is the love that you don’t have to be “lucky” to find or be in the right place at the right time. And I’ve found that if you find “the one” that it will eventually turn sour without the author of love in the middle of it.
Today I hope you know how loved you are. Even if you can’t feel it, you can know you are because the author of life and love gave his everything for you. If you need me to explain, then simply email me back.


  Not only are you loved but we have been given life and options to choose this or that, go here or there and work hard to achieve our dreams. Many of us have families and friends and those we love. But in addition, you have a team of friends waiting here for you if you want it. I find it a beautiful thing working with you and others that connect with me online and I would love to meet you too! .
==> Want to join us? Find out more here! <==

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Hi Albie here! Here’s a “wee” little sea story for you…(haha!)


When I got down to the marina where my boat was, the wind was blowing soft, pretty patterns over the water and I felt excited to be going out on the ocean again. 


There’s just simply nothing quite like getting the boat ready and then skillfully maneuvering the sails so that the wind blows my boat swiftly out…


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Hi Albie here! Right now, I’m writing this at the dock while waiting to go aboard the Catalina Express ship. This is a really fast catamaran shaped vessel that flies through the water propelled by two or three huge engines.

White water shoots across the water, shot out by the massive engines as the Catalina Express flies across the sea toward Avalon. This is the main town on Catalina that is still just as quaint as ever, with its lack of cars and lack of overpopulation. 
On our anniversary, over twenty years ago, my wife Janette and I stayed at a really cool pink “Victorian era” like hotel called Hotel St. Lauren. I’m looking over at it right now and remembering how much fun we had there!
My daughter and I then enjoyed renting a couple of bikes and riding fast along the main road along the ocean. It was fun to feel the ocean breeze on our faces, the pretty waves crashing along the beach as we rode swiftly past shore line cliffs and…


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Aren’t these flowers beautiful! They’re “sympathy” flowers but honestly, they just look amazing to me for any occasion. I mean, they are just flowers after all. God didn’t make them and write “sympathy” on them – did he! 


FTD® In Loving Memory Sympathy Arrangement
FTD® In Loving Memory Sympathy Arrangement

FTD® In Loving Memory Sympathy Arrangement FTD® In Loving Memory Sympathy Arrangement

A bountiful basket of striking red and white blooms to express your sympathy and honor the departed, this popular arrangement features rich red roses and carnations designed with a garden of heavenly white blossoms, such as hydrangea, lilies, snapdragons, larkspur, Queen Anne?s Lace, or similar, for a traditional color scheme with a more stylish look. Appropriate for wakes, funerals, and memorial services. Florist delivery in the USA and Canada.




You may have tried earning
online in the past and understand what I’m talking about. It’s kind of
like playing a video game and thinking how easy it will be to win but then
the reality of it sinks in as you have to replay levels over and over a
again just to win that level. It’s the same with earning online.
You honestly will NOT get to the next level UNLESS you really dig
in and learn 5 Critical Marketing Skills that we’re going to explain to
you as we go along. 


You can explore more about adventures earning online here.


See for yourself how things will change for you too!


You can find out more about the 5 Critical Skills here.




Let us help you you find your “blindspots”. We will help you personally 1:1 to understand how to earn consistently online.



REQUIRED EARNINGS DISCLOSURE:  Any statements of particular income amounts, or any experiences shared by the individuals in this email or on our website are exceptional and likely do not represent the typical results. The info being shared here applies only to specific individuals and does not indicate that you will have the same results. As the only data we have to share with you comes from people such as these who voluntarily share what their incomes or experiences have been, it is
factually impossible for us to state what the “typical” experience is. It is not possible for us to measure all results of all participants. All income derives only from the sale of products. This email and any content on our website shows only the potential possibilities of the program as it relates to these specific individuals. Again, THESE RESULTS MAY NOT BE TYPICAL. No results from any person using our program in the past should serve as any indication that your results will be
similar in the future. In short, this is a business and there are no guarantees in business. Nothing in this presentation or on this website is intended to convey that there is any guarantee of income. Your results will depend on your execution in your business and how many sales you close/how much business you acquire, just as it would in any business in the world. If anything in this disclosure if not 100% clear to you, please do not continue. If you are offered another opportunity where they
share testimonials or individual accounts of their results, and they do not make sure that the above disclosure clear, just know that they are not following the law of the USA. Hypothetically, even if every single participant became a millionaire (which they absolutely do not, this is only a hypothetical example to make a point), and we could document that hypothetical, we would still be required to make this disclosure. In addition, nothing on this page reflects Facebooks or any social media’s suggestions or recommendations.


Earn a Boatload Online


Welcome from Albie Derbyshire & Elizabeta Kuzevska
Creators of The Online Marketing Acadamy!

How do you think it’s possible to
have worked 10 hour days on the internet (in eventually
over 40 different programs)
 and spent over
$10,000 over five years on programs and
traffic and found it still was not enough
to earn consistently or find success?

Maybe you can relate?

The “Big Domino” That Fell:

This video will change everything for you.
Maybe you’ve also had problems earning consistently online?

Take a few minutes to
see it yourself and get your own “aha” moment!

Do you see what I mean? 

Not ONLY That…but in ADDITION…

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Do you want to begin learning how to earn consistently?

Do you want to be able to promote ALL your affilitate links easily?

Do you want to learn how to create MASSIVE leverage and succeed online? 


This is a message for every affiliate marketer
who needs to get more referrals, but can’t attract
new sign ups.

From the Desk of Elizabeta & Albie
Re: Overcome Your problems working online learning the 5 Critical Skills.

Hi! Elizabeta & Albie here.  

We are Affiliate Marketers and Coaches who have helped
 thousands of people overcome their problems working online.
We have 1000’s of members in our downline.

We are here to tell you the TRUTH you need to know about working online!

In fact, here’s the biggest problem you’ll face right now:

It’s the “shiny object” syndrome.

But that’s not the end of the problem. It actually gets worse! Why?

Because you lose time and money on getting rich schemes!

Which means you won’t get ANY results.

And, worst of all, most affiliate marketers can’t get past the idea that
getting referrals is really hard.


But Luckily for You There’s Now
A Solution to Your Problem!


 Isn’t that exciting!

But before we get into that, let us share Elizabeta’s story quickly with you…


She was unsatisfied with her website, trying to make money online.


The thing is, at the time she was making only a few dollars a day from her
website, and many days she actually lost money.


 The big problem was that Pinterest blocked her website without any reason.
That meant suddenly her website was no longer making any money,
which killed her only source of income.


Then she noticed something interesting…



 Catch that? 


She started working as a personal assistant to one marketer who worked
only with affiliate programs. She became aware of several important skills
her mentors were mastering. When she began to implement these skills,
she began to get results.

Instantly it became crystal clear to her how to earn on the consistent basis,
because she found the right way to make money online. Her plan was to start building
big teams with affiliate programs.

So, she started creating landing pages to get referrals and building her list.
But she didn’t stop there.

She met Albie working online and they had a lot in common
and became business partners.

Together they then created pages for their team members
and email campaigns.

After that, we created a basic training about the 5 Critical Skills and began
helping our members have success too.


We call it “The 5 Critical Skills”.


With The 5 Critical Skills, we can now have more time for ourselves because our
members know how to create funnels, how to communicate with their members,
and get a commission on a monthly basis too!


And that’s why we are so excited to share this with you so you
can get these types of results too!


So, here’s what we’ve got for you today…


If you’re an affiliate marketer who really needs to get more traffic, referrals,
and sales but just can’t seem to attract new sign ups
…here’s the solution you’ve been looking for!


 Exactly What I’ve Been Saying! Right?


the “Steps To Six Figures” inside the
Prosperity Marketing System…

We look forward to working with you! 

Albie Derbyshire
Elizabeta Kuzevska
cell: 626-379-5692